Hiring a photographer is more than hiring a person to take your photos.

I love getting to know my clients because it helps me capture the sides of them that they cherish. It helps me do my job and do it well.
So why not share a little bit about myself, so you know exactly who you are hiring when you book with HJ Photography?
Here is a brief look into my world.



First of all, I have been doing this job since 2010. Growing up, I was always known as “the girl with the camera” at every single school event, family reunion, get-together with friends, concerts, holidays, etc. Eventually, I got my very first DSLR Nikon camera and fell in love. I felt like I was carrying magic in my hands, and it seemed as if I created magic for others when I took their photos. Soon enough, I was doing family photos, couple photos, friend photos, and prom photos for those that knew me personally. Within a few months, things started to take off. I was doing sessions for people that I didn’t know and before I knew it, this hobby of mine became a profitable job! I’m so glad that people were so supportive of me in the beginning because they made me realize that this was definitely a potential career for me. The rest is history. PicMonkey Collageme

Some of my favorite things:

  • Jesus
  • Country music
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Cats
  • Cooking
  • Babies
  • Colors
  • Zumba
  • Traveling
  • and (of course) photography!

Some of my…. not so favorite things:

  • Sheep or alpacas 
  • Horror movies
  • Being cold 
  • Bacon
  • Football
  • Screamo music
  • Scorpions 
  • You know what? Lets add lamas there too


Characteristics of Holly Joanne Ells:

I love being a photographer for many reasons. I love going on adventures, meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new things. You never know what is going to happen during a session, but that’s the thrill of it all! Plus, sometimes I come out of a session with a new friend that I keep in touch with and do sessions of for years to come! It’s like I’ve made a new friend and get to keep up with their life. 

I also love being a photographer because I am, always have been, and always will be (lol) a very organized person. I have a specific calendar for all of my weddings and photography sessions, I  write down all important information I need to know right away, I have a great memory, I always set deadlines for myself, and… well I just keep on top of things! 

I am also very careful. I make sure I take care of my clients and their photos. I double and triple check to make sure everything is charged, in my bag, and ready to go the day before I have a session. Then after a session, I always put the photos on two separate hard-drives (my laptop and an external hard-drive) before I remove them from my memory card. 

Another characteristic that comes in handy is that I love kids. I work at a daycare part-time and it really helps me connect with children during family sessions, birthday sessions, etc. I love capturing both the cute & silly sides of kids 🙂

I believe it takes more than creativity and a nice camera to be a great photographer. It takes determination, organization, skill, and a love of people.



Other aspects of my world:

My loving husband <3
My loving husband ❤
My wonderful family <3
My wonderful family ❤
THE BEST CAT EVER (a.k.a Dolly)
Dolly of the famous, #finddolly photos
Our newest edition, little Cleo 🙂

Thank you so much for considering HJ Photography and I look forward to working with you in the future! 

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